Tuesday, May 26, 2015

QR Codes from Vocaroo

I recently learned how to create QR codes.  A teammate and I were meeting with our district UDL specialist to get ideas on how to teach our CTC "Read Across Genres" unit so that ALL our students could participate fully.  In this unit, the class creates "topic tubs" which include a variety of genres all based on the same topic.  Our problem:  what to put in the tubs for our below-first-grade readers.

Well, problem solved!  Just go to the website called Vocaroo, record yourself reading a few of the books, poems, or Scholastic News in the tubs, create QR codes, print them, tape them to the front of the book, and make sure those kids have an ipod or ipad to scan and listen with. Amazing!  My ipad and ipods have the free app called i-nigma, which reads the code with the camera.  Students then click the link that appears that says, "go online."  Vocaroo opens with just that particular recording.  Students push the play button and they're ready to go!

When you go to Vocaroo, you'll click to record, and then a popup box will ask if you'll allow them access to your microphone and camera.  You can put a sticky note over your camera if you wish.  As soon as you click "allow," the recording begins.  So make sure you have your book ready!  You can't stop and start.  If you get interrupted, you'll have to start over.  When you get to the end of the book, click "stop recording."  You will then get the option to create a QR code.  Once you've created it, copy and paste it into a word document and type the title underneath.  You can get at least a dozen QR codes onto one page.  Then print, cut, tape, and you're ready!

Scan this code to hear me read the book!

My students really enjoyed being able to "read" books in their topic tubs.  I have four ipods and two kids who needed the QR codes.  With two kids per tub, I just made sure two ipods were in the tubs of the kids that needed them.  That way, their partners could use them too, and they wouldn't be so obvious.  I don't think any of the other students even realized which kids they were for.  Perfect!

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