Saturday, March 21, 2015

Monthly Playlist of Books on ipods

Having just one playlist for the first graders to choose from has been wonderful.  No getting lost in the wrong playlist, fewer pictures of books to choose from... truly, problems and confusion have been ELIMINATED.

Once you have created your playlists, drag your books to the month you are most likely to want to share them with the class.  As I mentioned in my last post, keep track in a notebook or on note cards.  This will also be helpful when your desk is completely covered in tapes and you are trying to remember which ones you've already recorded. #learnedthehardway

More Than One ipod

I requested four ipod touches from Donors Choose, so I had to find a way to distinguish them when syncing with itunes.  I found it easiest to make a cheatsheet that reminds me which is which.

When you first connect your ipods to itunes through your laptop, give them each a name.  I made it easy by using my initials and the numbers one through four. 

Changing/Adding Playlists

As you can see the in the photo above, I have the red ipod connected to my laptop.  I opened itunes on my laptop and clicked on the icon of the ipod.  Then I clicked on Music (under summary on the left side).  Here is what I saw:

Notice that the boxes checked are "Sync Music," "Selected playlists," and "February."  Because I want it to be easy for the kids to get started with the book right away, I don't put the entire collection on the ipod at one time.  It's way too overwhelming.  I'm ready to switch to the March playlist, so I uncheck February and check March.  Then I click Sync in the bottom right corner of the screen.  Done.  Wasn't that easy? 

What My Students See and Do

When students are ready, they click the red itunes box.  

When itunes opens, they see the current playlist, which shows the cover of a book from that playlist and the number and name of the list (month).

When they touch the picture, the playlist for that month opens.  I only have four books ready for this month so far.  Don't worry, I have Moosekitos and Hippo's Tooth Surprise ready to record.

Students find the picture that matches the book in their hot little hands, and boom!  The story begins!

Here's a picture of a few kids in action.

Notice how there are only three kids?  The fourth kiddo decided to go off to a different spot in the room. Way to be independent!  Also notice how they're not all on the same page.  No waiting for everyone to get settled when you've got an ipod to yourself.  Thanks, Donors Choose!

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